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Export translation assistance for UK business
UKTI match-funding for export translation up to GBP 1000
for new or inexperienced UK exporters    

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Expert export translation - half-price!

We're working with our Chamber of Commerce and UKTI to provide new exporters with export translation match-funded up to GBP 1000. Up to that value you get ALL the translation, ALL the quality, MATCH-FUNDED by UKTI (NB - you must qualify. details here.) - they also offer advice, staff training, support...

Export translation half-price? How's that work?

Easy - so easy, we're using this ourselves! You apply to UKTI - simplest is via your Chamber of Commerce, here's ours. There's assessment and advice, face-to-face training, and - brilliantly - Export Vouchers for things you need to start exporting - export translation for manuals/packaging, foreign language brochures, visit interpreting and other costs, establishing agents, etc. The voucher's for matched funding to GBP 1000!

Confidence in export translation

Buying translation's tricky - how do you know it's right? Passort to Export makes your export translation quality assurance much easier. Your Chamber of Commerce will recommend trusted providers (like us!), and UKTI also states "The entire process is subject to a passport delivery standard which is monitored regularly to maintain quality of delivery" - so they'll keep an eye on our export translation as well!

Export translation I can trust sounds good - match-funded export translation sounds better! What next?

First thing's to contact your local Chamber of Commerce - email ours here, who'll be able to assist. If you're not in their area, they'll put you in touch with your own Chamber.

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