Our FREE user-friendly Translation Guide, Interpreting Guide, Voiceover Guide and others are written by our experts to help you get better translation or interpreting - whether or not you use us! (But we'd rather you did...)

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FREE Translation Guide, Interpreting Guide, Voiceover Guide & more 

Get better translation + interpreting + voiceover, faster, for less - FREE advice from our experts

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"Translation Guide? Why do I need a translation guide?"

Because most translation is poorly briefed, meaning the translator must ASSUME. Good ones will check assumptions with you (we do) but many won't. If they DON'T, incorrect assumptions mean incorrect translations. If they DO, delivery's delayed and cost can rise. Our FREE Translation Guide identifies the commonest issues and tells you how to avoid them, so you get better translation, quicker, and possibly for less.
Downloads are PDFs opening in new windows; just Save from there.

There's more on our Translation page, and language-specific info on Language pages - so far Dutch, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish. However, the critical factor in translation quality remains your provider - so here's some guidance on translation provider selection.

"Great! And there's an Interpreting Guide?"

A lot of interpreting doesn't work well - our FREE Interpreting Guide should help. As the MoJ interpreting contract (just Google it) has shown, it's easy to get interpreting horribly wrong - but it's also easy to get interpreting absolutely right, often for the same cost or less! Our Interpreting Guide helps show how, and there's more info on our Interpreting page.

The RIGHT interpreting guide

Interpreting isn't all the same; the situation affects interpreting approach. We specialise in interpreting for medical & hospital, court & legal and insurance situations, which are all significantly different. While our FREE Interpreting Guide offers valuable advice for any situation, more context-specific info can be found in our downloadable brochures below:

Voiceover guide

A voiceover guide is pretty essential if you're new to foreign language voiceover - so we wrote one. In fact, not content with one voiceover guide, we wrote 2 - a foreign language voiceover guide, and a foreign language IVR voiceover guide. Both need good translation and great mother-tongue voices - but there's much more you can do to get better product.

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