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Reliable quality-assured business translation services for you.

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Of over 28,500 language projects to date around 70% are translation, mostly business translation services - HERE's a few case studies.

"Translation feedback ... has been excellent." - H J Heinz

FACT: many "business translation services" have little "real world" business and industrial experience.

FACT: With many years in industry and logistics, we have so we know good business translation services MATTER. We provide reliable user-friendly quality-assured and professional business translation services in 150+ languages, with the repeat clients (and references) to prove it - here's a few case studies.

Most requested languages are Spanish, French, German, & Italian ("FIGS") from and into English, along with Greek, Portuguese, Dutch and Flemish, Hungarian, Polish and Czech, and Russian. Indian languages such as Gujarati, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali are booming, together with those of Eastern Asia - Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese & Korean. Scandinavian - Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic are in steady demand, while African business translation services covering Amharic, Swahili, Lugandan, Sotho, Tigrinya, Xhosa and more - are growing alongside Middle-Eastern languages - Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Kurdish, Turkish & Hebrew. Trending fast are Central European, Former Soviet Union (FSU) and CIS languages - Croatian, Serbian, Latvian, Estonian, Moldovan & Ukrainian.

Business translation services provision is challenging

Fast-evolving jargon and tech make your partner choice critical. That's why ALL our professionally-qualified mother-tongue translators are:

  • Specialists - we partner with 3,000+ qualified language translators world-wide, including engineers, lawyers, and other professionals.
  • Confidentiality-assured - we're trusted by courts, government and companies to ensure confidential STAYS confidential
  • Up-to-date with technical capability and sector knowledge.
  • Approved to our rigorous quality standards.

We provide reliable quality-assured business translation services from electronic or hard copy, to/from most languages (including non-English combinations), in most formats. We can also typeset and record or subtitle your material.

Free download - our Really Helpful Friendly Translation Guide (pdf)

Business translation services selection matters

Buying translation is tricky - unless you speak the language very well yourself, you're relying 100% on your provider. It may reassure to know our clients tell us we're "great to work with" and come back year after year. Here's some advice on selecting providers - a few more things to look for include the following, all part of our everyday operations:
  • review of source text for terminology and ambiguities and glossary preparation where appropriate.
  • effective management database ensuring continuity of your prior assignments and optimal translators for your language and sector.
  • analysis of text and use of CAT tools where appropriate to potentially offer you savings.
  • effective translator briefings providing them with advice and reference sources.
  • good translator support through the project, advising and resolving queries.
  • proper translation review for accuracy and completeness. We do this twice, and it's included in the price (many providers charge extra for this "premium" service; we see it as an essential one).
  • proper layout of translation, at least as well as the original, so it's immediately usable. Many providers don't do this either.
  • real project management to ensure on-time delivery (our bespoke database generates a daily "chase list" of actions)
  • a helpful, experienced professional team (ours are all well-qualified linguists selected for a courteous and friendly style).

OK, looks good to me. What next?
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