User-friendly & professional Spanish interpreter services & Spanish translation services - including Spanish typesetting services - UK-wide since 1990.

Certified English into Spanish translation, sworn Spanish into English translation, and notarized Spanish translation services.

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Spanish interpreter services & Spanish translation services     

English into Spanish translation - Spanish into English translation - Spanish interpreter UK services
Spanish transcription - subtitling - Spanish voiceover - Sworn Spanish translation

Nice things people say Spanish Translation services uk

Providing Spanish interpreter services & Spanish translation services UK-wide since 1990 to technical and commercial, public sector, legal, food industry and insurance sectors as well as private clients, we've delivered over 3000 assignments.

"The Spanish translation is excellent according to our native Spanish speaker!"
- Global water company

"Spanish translation services popular?"

Very! English into Spanish and Spanish into English translation services are the most searched on the web - over twice as much as French, and our Spanish into English and English into Spanish translation services - 200% proof-read, and optionally sworn, certified or notarised - are widely complimented.

"Anything to watch for in English into Spanish translation services?"

European ("Castilian") or Latin American Spanish? European and South American Spanish differ considerably - most low-end providers use cheaper South American translators for both, but it's a REALLY bad idea.
Spanish punctuation differs from English, using unique inverted question and exclamation marks to start sentences - so "Is my Spanish translation ready?" becomes "¿Está lista mi traducción hacia español?" - NB translated "Spanish" - "español" - isn't capitalised. UK Spanish typesetting services often get the "tilde" - ñ - wrong, something we often see proofreading work from clients' own Spanish typesetting (we incidentally offer very affordable 100% proofread Spanish typesetting services in-house).
Personal relationships in correspondence really matter, so expect questions about this in English into Spanish translation of a letter. Finally, English into Spanish translation can grow 30% - important where Spanish is to be typeset or for Spanish voiceover (and equally Spanish into English translation shrinks... so less text doesn't mean something's missing!

"Any advice on sourcing translation?"

Sure - our FAQs has many useful tips, and our Really Helpful Friendly Guide to Language Translation offers advice on improving translation.

Free download - our Really Helpful Friendly Language Translation Guide (pdf)

"You offer Spanish interpreter services? We need an interpreter for Tuesday..."

No problem - Spanish is one of many languages we deliver daily to hospitals, courts and business - see our interpreting page. Just call our Spanish team on Freefone 0800 783 4678 or e-mail our interpreter services.

"What's sworn Spanish translation"?

A Spanish Sworn Translator must be accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate and legalize documents, usually through a Ministry exam, or university degree including accredited legal translation modules. They have a 'seal', to give documents legal status. UK equivalent to "Sworn translation" is certified translation; translators need good language qualification and extensive experience - look for CIoL (Chartered Institute of Linguists) or ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) membership. There's more on Sworn Spanish translation on our Certified & Notarized page.

"Can I get Spanish transcription?"

Spanish transcription - European Spanish or Latin American Spanish transcription - is a popular choice for our Transcription services. Spanish transcription is used for conferences and research, and can be mono- or bilingual (the Spanish transcription having a Spanish into English translation). We also offer sworn or certified Spanish transcription for legal use.

"Lastly, Castilian or Latin American Spanish voiceover or Spanish subtitling?"

Yep - see our voiceovers page. As a Translation Company the translation standard of our Spanish subtitling and voiceover scripts is identical to our other commercial translation, done by professional and qualified mother-tongue Spanish translators and 100% reviewed - not typical of most Spanish voiceover! We offer both European ("Castilian") Spanish voiceover and Latin American Spanish voiceover (Mexican, Chilean, Argentinian...). Some Castilian Spanish voiceover talents are (click to hear sample): Rico; Joachim; Juanita; Carolina and Tia, while Latin American Spanish voiceover talents (Mexican, Chilean, Argentinian) include Miguel and Ana.

All sounds good. So what next?
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