Russian interpreter services, Russian transcription and Russian translation services - mother-tongue professionally-qualified English-Russian translation and Russian-English translation since 1990, including certified Russian translation, audiovisual Russian subtitling / voiceover and Russian typesetting.

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English Russian translation + Russian English translation
Russian interpreter & Russian transcription services    


Russian interpreter services - technical & commercial Russian translation - Russian transcription
Russian voiceover & subtitling - Russian typesetting - Notarised and Certified Russian English translation

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We've delivered over 1,000 professional Russian interpreter and Russian translation services UK-wide since 1990.

"Russian translation services popular then?"

Very, both English Russian translation and Russian English translation. Spanish is #1 and French #2, but our proven mother-tongue Russian interpreter and Russian translation UK network has an outstanding record in defence & technical, logistics, insurance, legal, commercial & financial, and private translation (particularly certified Russian translation).

"Anything to watch in English Russian translation?"

Fonts can cause problems, so English Russian translation is safest as PDF. While English Russian translation is common, good translators are less so and we've narrowed ours to just 3 trusted partners. Our FAQs has tips to find better translators and our Really Helpful Friendly Guide to Language Translation has more on getting better translation.
Free download - our Really Helpful Friendly Language Translation Guide (pdf)

"You offer Russian interpreter services?"

Daily, particularly to court & legal and medical clients - there's more info on our interpreting page. Just call Freefone 0800 783 4678 or e-mail our Russian team. Usefully, Russian interpreting can often cover for scarcer languages such as Latvian, Lithuanian and those of other ex-Soviet Bloc countries, where Russian is often the second language.

"You mentioned fonts - how about Russian typesetting?"

Russian is written in Cyrillic, like Cyrillic text Russian example- unless you read Russian you're unlikely to spot problems! Many commercial fonts can't handle Cyrillic - be very careful typesetting Russian. English-Russian translation is surprisingly lengthy so space can be problematic, and language expertise is essential - here's an example of our own (very affordable) Russian typesetting services.

"What's certified Russian translation?'"

Certified Russian translation is the UK equivalent to Europe's "sworn Russian translation"; the translator needs a good language qualification and extensive experience, denoted in the UK by Chartered Institute of Linguists or Institute of Translation and Interpreting membership. "Certified or notarised translation" carries legal weight in court - we also notarise if required. There's more info here.

"And Russian transcription? Business meetings and so on?"

Our Russian transcription clients include courts, conferences, software developers and consumer research among others. Courts usually require certified transcription.

"Finally, Russian voiceover or subtitling?"

Yep - see our voiceovers page. Since we're primarily a language services, the translation standard of our Russian subtitling and voiceover is identical to our other translation - mother-tongue, professional translators + 100% review in-house - not common among Russian voiceover providers! Some Russian voiceover samples include (click name to hear sample): Sasha, Larissa, Olga and Vasilyev.
Our Russian subtitling receives the same attention - and just as in typesetting, hyphenation in Russian subtitling is critical.

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