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Case Studies... real-world language     

Language Case StudiesTalk's cheap, you want evidence. So here's a few Case Studies on stuff we've already done to show how our language can help your business. But if your requirement's not here please ask - in our 24 years and 30,000 projects we've probably done something similar!

CASE STUDY 1 - Small project, big outcome - mending supply chains

Spending £100's on language saved £10,000's for a manufacturing client (and his customer base). Out of the blue, a very special but single-source French material that had been used for years began to constantly clog the machine; maintenance and production costs soared, while delivery times extended and customers left. Desperate emails (in English) to the supplier achieved nothing. Finally, they contacted us.

In discussion with the client, an in-language approach to the French company was assembled, including technical details, explaining the issue and inviting the supplier to visit the factory. The fluent French technical translation immediately opened doors in the French company - who had no English in house, hence the lack of response - to whom the letter was a revelation.

Oui, they had modified a process parameter, oui, they'd be happy to help, and came across the next week. Through our interpreter, communication was straightforward and accurate. The supplier quickly understood the problem, helped revise the procurement specification and agreed new pricing, and was working WITH our client. Just 2 weeks later, production was sorted.
If you've a supplier or client issue, communicating in THEIR language gets BETTER, FASTER results - and builds long-term bridges.
CASE STUDY 2 - Big project, huge outcome - healthier & safer Health & Safety

We work with clients on major projects worldwide. One was a 3-year 10-language project translating over a million source words and delivering weeks of full-service interpreting across Europe for a leading food producer's Environment, Health & Safety initiative. We provided full terminology management, cost modelling and budget control, our Production Director sitting on their project team, while our translation technology leveraged previous work to save £1000s.

Enabling our client to work seamlessly in his teams' languages, responding quickly to requests, brought the project credibility and buy-in worth far more than the small cost of our services. The roll-out was popular and long-term effective.
Communicating in USERS' language gets you better BUY-IN, and better RESULTS.
CASE STUDY 3 - Innovative integrated interpreting

Working with two leading European specialist medical centres to provide support to patients for a range of treatments and medical trials demands far more than simply providing an interpreter. By managing and delivering comprehensive appointment management, translation, and highly specialist medical interpreting under stringent clinical conditions we help the client extend the reach of their offering across Europe, and help patients with chronic conditions best benefit from their unique expertise.

We've delivered over 150 sessions for these clients, as well as providing extensive pre- and post-appointment services. One client is now extending across Europe and into the Middle East, while the other is shortly launching their new drug onto the market.
Working in THEIR language opens NEW MARKETS and OPPORTUNITIES.
CASE STUDY 4 - One-stop multilingual multimarket multimedia

Not many providers offer true one-stop capability - many claiming to work on a simple subcontract basis, just charging you commission for what you could have done yourself. We're not like that - if we say we do something, we do it. So when a client with a super new machine brought us the marketing DVD which he wanted in 11 languages, we did the whole thing.

Starting by transcribing the audio, then editing this down ready for voiceover, our in-house engineer reviewed and annotated the highly-technical content to make sure it was crystal-clear for the translators, with references and supporting images. The translations were (of course) 100% reviewed in-house, and cross-checked for consistency.

Of the 11 languages, 5 were voiced-over, our experience ensuring scripts read comfortably to produce perfectly-synched, confident product, voiced by expert mother-tongue talents in pro studios.

The other 6 languages were subtitled; starting from the timecoded source track we built in Adobe Encore here, our mother-tongue professional translators could quickly generate language versions that we fine-tuned to produce DVD-ready subtitle files.

Menus and onscreen texts were also translated, with everything then delivered to a (very happy!) DVD producer for assembly. And we did the whole thing in just 6 weeks. We're told the DVD's been well received, boosting sales in these countries.
To sell abroad, sell in THEIR language... and do it RIGHT.
CASE STUDY 5 - Appealing typesetting

A while ago a leading international charity wanted to put key appeal material into other languages. Their own in-house team allowed them to largely cover typesetting of simpler major languages, but when it came to Uighur, Romani, Amharic and Georgian they were stumped. Could we typeset these languages for them into their Quark files?

We certainly could, and continue to do so, now handling an increasing range of languages for them including Farsi, Thai, Tamil and Nepalese, in formats including Illustrator and InDesign, with over 80 projects to date. Their eye-catching appeals are attracting increasing support worldwide.
Typesetting YOUR stuff in THEIR language makes REAL impact.
CASE STUDY 6 - Better than new

The designer for a large educational publisher contacted us with a BRILLIANT project. His client had 30 schoolbooks in English (over 800 pages), and a big new Arabic client who wanted them in Arabic - and had even translated the content. But, the books existed only as non-editable scans - the original creator had folded. The designer was at a loss - what to do?

Our document re-creation service quickly re-built the whole set in editable InDesign files, in which our Arabic typesetting and translation team laid out the client's provided translation, proofreading and supplementing as they went.
The whole project was turned around in just 3 weeks.
Converting OLD stuff into NEW languages can be a real pain. Or, you can ask us.
CASE STUDY 7 - From ignition to launch - our chemical reaction

With over a hundred chemical product labels and datasheets in a mixture of non-editable formats and hard copy (some literally ripped off old stock!) and no language experience at all, our household name client wanted to launch across Europe, in 5 languages, in just 2 months. Could it be done? Of course it could.

Starting by re-creating the label stock in Illustrator to build a standard library of formats, images and graphics, we then transcribed the content and built multilingual terminology glossaries which allowed translation to be fast, cheap, and consistent. We then typeset our translations to produce a full set of press-ready PDFs, comprehensively beating the desired timescale.

Was the client happy? You bet - he wrote to us: "From a daunting brief... a difficult task became straightforward."
New languages from a standing start's not hard - you just need the right partner.
CASE STUDY 8 - Another really big one...

When we say we've delivered 30,000 projects to date, that's an understatement. Case studies 6 and 7 were both single projects for example - and then there's the REALLY big ones, such as this, in which over a 3-year period we provided a highly-qualified team of expert technical translators to work on-site alongside the client's engineers to not only translate and proof-read over half-a-million words, managing both version control and extensive technical glossaries, but also to interpret on-site and in-country at complex technical discussions at senior Government level.

We also provided typesetting services, and 2 weeks of language familiarisation for the 15 key project personnel. Just one of our BIGGER projects.
However MUCH language you need, we can help.

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