High quality translation services mean doing it right, not just talking about doing it right.

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High quality translation services    

Nice things people say

come from high quality people

Quality Working with a good translation partner shouldn't just be about translation - it should be about trusting a project to just happen, on time and to the standard you expect. That's why we only use trusted excellent project managers and established qualified professional language partners. So happy clients keep coming back.

and from high quality systems

We've written our own unique management systems, drawing on 17 years ISO9001 experience from manufacturing and the language industry. Our many client compliments (like these, and these) suggest it works. Key elements are:
  • Job Management, part of our unique custom database, plans and controls every activity on your project, from enquiry to invoice.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes is part of our processes, and great clients, a great team and great partners makes it fun.
  • Instant leveraging of your previous material for your new projects, combined with permanent traceability of every contributing linguist both ensures continuity and reminds us which linguists proved less appropriate for your stuff.
  • 100% review and revision of every translation. Because one thing translation providers claiming high quality really need to ensure is really good translation. Strangely, some "high quality" providers charge extra for review...
  • 100% follow-up of every interpreting assignment helps us shape our way to your way. So our medical interpreting is now adapted to individual hospitals, meaning they receive interpreting right for them.
  • Diligent partner selection and management We ONLY consider experienced translators with excellent CVs, good experience, and appropriate qualifications (typically ITI or IoL membership in the UK), and we reject LOTS of translators you'll find working elsewhere. Those we DO accept, we monitor with each assignment. BEING good is not enough if you can't STAY good.

High quality people, high quality systems, for high quality clients.

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