Mother-tongue professional back-translation services and translation proofreading services since 1990

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Translation proofreading services & back-translating services

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Back-translating & proofreading services from professional linguists    


Why proofread translation?

Because everyone makes mitsakes, or omits _ important. Decent proofreading would also have saved these gems. Errors or omissions can cost - small typos distrcat from your message (see what I mean?), while larger errors can hurt more.

As well as typos and punctuation our proofreading services address misunderstandings and inaccuracy, especially not quite right synonyms. Having translation proofread by our professional and experienced mother-tongue translator network ensures accuracy and can improve style, in English, Spanish, German, French , Dutch and many more.

When should I have a translation proofread?

We always recommend independent mother-tongue proofreading of legal translation or translation for publication. This assures you of total translation accuracy for when it REALLY matters.

So what's back-translating?

Just what it says - translating a translation back to its source language to check accuracy, usually to ensure someone else's translation is correct. Back-translating should only ever be done by trusted professional translators, mother-tongue in the source language. It can be very enlightening... back-translating for a client a contract his agent had translated, we found whole clauses re-written in the agent's favour!

If I've read this correctly your proofreading looks good – what next?
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