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Language project management     

Language Translation

Major language projects like these can involve dozens of translators and interpreters worldwide, plus voice artists, studios, graphic designers and printers, and more. To deliver right, on-time, takes capability. Our systems, designed in-house by a professional engineer specifically for language projects, consistently deliver.

Project language management

CAT - Computer Assisted Translation - is now commonplace. Like most tools, it's as good as the user; low-end providers may use it as machine translation, sucking-in source text and squirting out "translation" that's often little better than online translation output (sometimes worse).
Professional providers use it to assist, with interactive glossary and translation memory to suggest previous similar translation for translator to revise. But translation quality remains dependent on human translators; "clunky" translations often result from CAT and a lazy or poor translator. If you'd like CAT savings AND good translation from interested translators, talk to us. CAT tools include whisker straighteners, tail tensioners and of course ear sharpeners. :)

Language people management

Language is about people. Our translators and interpreters are people we value highly, so we look after them. If you want to work with good people trusted to do what they say, when they say, you want to work with us.

Language partner management

Product launches often leave translation until last, making it rushed and risking poor language which can harm your brand.
Involving a good translation partner early on allows them advise on pitfalls such as document layout (key for right-to-left languages), the handling of figures & acronyms, and even on product names - expensive re-branding where product name in target markets is amusing or offensive isn't uncommon. Good partners also try to save you cost and time by re-using previously-translated material and work with you to streamline workflows and manage glossaries, developing translations alongside the product so they're polished and launch-ready.
Wouldn't you prefer to benefit from translation procurement, than simply to pay for it?

Can't argue with that. So next?
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