Certified translation services, sworn translation, notarized translation & affidavit service for life documents - marriage certificate translation, birth certificate translation....

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User-friendly Certified translation services, Sworn or Notarized translation and
Statutory declaration (affidavit)      

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Certified translation services for property & qualifications, wedding translation services,
marriage certificate translation, birth certificate translation ...

life documents translation

"First class service, I would definitely use Lifeline again"
- Victoria L., marriage certificate translation client 2014

Providing certified, notarized and sworn translation and statutory declaration/affidavit services for 20 years our experienced team's already helped 2,500 families.

"What does 'certified translation' mean?"

Validates translation for legal use. Requiring authorities state whether they need certified, sworn or notarized translation, and if statutory declaration/affidavit is needed.

The translator must be professionally-qualified and mother-tongue. As a Translation Company (NOT Agency - important!) we certify in-house stamping and signing each page; translation FROM English receives bilingual certification in English and the target language. You receive 2 copies; we retain another 6 years for you. A (small) certification fee applies. You'll also receive a Translator's Certificate of qualifications and accuracy - keep this, it's the legal provenance.

"And notarized?"

Criminal court may demand this. The translator must attend a Notary Public to swear professional qualification and translation accuracy; the Notary verifies identity, attaching a notarial certificate to the translation. One bound master of translation + certificate is made - that's the ONLY legitimate copy and MUST stay intact. We keep a copy, but lost documents will need re-notarizing. Costs depend on Notary fees.

"Then there's Sworn?"

Some countries insist translation for legal use be "sworn", translated by their 'registered' translator who'll stamp and certify the translation.

"So what's Statutory Declaration?"

This replaced the Affidavit. Sworn by the translator before a solicitor/magistrate, it attests to accuracy and provenance and is accepted in England and Wales, being bound with the original as one document.

"Finally - Legalisation?"

Complicated... some UK documents for use abroad require prior legalisation by the FCO - information's on their website. We can't offer legalisation, but do translate the resulting legalisation apostille.

Disclaimer: please appreciate that despite wide experience we're not an authority on legal requirements for translation. It's the client's responsibility to instruct us correctly. We strongly recommend confirming with relevant authorities beforehand what's needed.

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