Professional certified Polish translation services & Polish interpreter services UK-wide; qualified Polish into English and English into Polish translation + Polish typesetting.

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Professional Polish translation services & Polish interpreter services    


Certified & notarized Polish into English and English into Polish translation services
Polish interpreting services, Polish typesetting, plus transcription, subtitling & voiceover

Language Translation

Professional Polish interpreter services and translation services to UK industry, legal, and insurance clients and many more, with over 3,000 Polish projects to date.

"Professional translation and interpreting?"

"Professional" means our translators - Polish to English and English to Polish - are qualified, professional mother-tongue linguists, with translation reviewed - twice - by equally qualified linguists. We specialise in logistics, insurance and environment health & safety together with legal, technical, websites, and general commercial/financial.
Specialist services include certified Polish translation and English into Polish typesetting, while our professional Polish interpreting services UK-wide provide court & legal and much-complimented medical interpreting
Take care selecting translators - Polish is attracting many newcomers, but (as we've found) the unusual language structure takes experience to translate well. Our FAQ and Really Helpful Friendly Guide to Language Translation offers some tips.

"Any advice on English into Polish typesetting?"

Yes - watch fonts! Most commercial typefaces omit Polish characters (like ł ą ś ż) and as other letters are like English that's easily overlooked. Our friendly helpful typesetting service is by our own linguists and fully proof-read.

Free download - our Really Helpful Friendly Language Translation Guide (pdf)

"Polish interpreting services?"

Our Polish into English interpreter services operate UK-wide - just call Freefone 0800 783 4678 or e-mail our helpful interpreter team

"What's "certified Polish translation" about?"

Equivalent to Europe's "sworn translation"; translators need good language qualifications and experience (in UK, membership of the Chartered Institute of Linguists or Institute of Translation and Interpreting). Certification gives legal validity - we also notarise.

"Can I get Polish transcription?"

Sure - Polish transcription projects include 30 hours for VR development. Transcription's also used for research and conferences, and can be mono- or bilingual (with Polish to English translation). Legal use may require certified Polish transcription.

"Finally, Polish voiceover or subtitling?"

Since we're primarily a language service, the translation standard of our Polish subtitling and voiceover is identical to our commercial translation - mother-tongue, professional translators + 100% review in-house - rare among voiceover providers! Samples of our Polish voiceover include (click to hear sample): Grzegorz and Renata.
Polish subtitling receives the same attention to detail - and as in typesetting, hyphenation in Polish subtitling matters.

"OK. What next?"
Just click here for a FREE quotation
or call our helpful team on UK Freefone 0800 783 4678 (Intnl 0044 1772 558858)

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