Hospital interpreter & medical interpretation services from Lifeline - experienced DPSI-qualified CRB-cleared medical interpreter + hospital interpreting services.

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Medical interpreter & hospital interpreting services     

2013 Runner-up in ITI Best Translation Company!

Medical interpreter services - ward & outpatient - GP, community & residential healthcare medical interpretation
Private & NHS hospital interpreting incl. mental health sector medical interpreting expertise

Over 5,000 medical interpreter assignments to date - follow our hospital interpreter teams on Twitter

healthcare interpreter services

CONFIDENTIAL medical & hospital interpreting services; in- and outpatient, clinics, surgeries, residential & community healthcare, and Mental Health sector. Male or female interpreters in most languages, low-cost patient reminders, medical translation services (incl. Braille). Cost-saving hospital interpreter services grouping.

"We consider your company the benchmark of best practice" - NHS Trust

Good medical interpreting services reduce DNAs

Weak medical interpretation deters patients with poor English from attending, or yields poor outcomes due to inadequate communication. Most DNAs result from patients not understanding their appointment, forgetting, or reluctance to attend fearing misunderstandings. Our medical and hospital services provide low-cost in-language prompts (text/ call) that both reminds patients and reassures them of competent interpreting at the appointment.

Reassured patients = better outcomes; why capable hospital interpreting matters

Healthcare environments are scary - especially when you can't communicate. Our helpful capable medical and hospital interpreter services ease communication between patient and care professional for more effective quicker consultation, making patients more likely to follow medication and attend future appointments. For the professional more effective appointments release more time to see more patients, and less wasted time improves hospital asset utilisation. Better patient trust, outcomes & user satisfaction means good interpreting brings your practice recommendations and improved rankings.

Free download - our Really Helpful Friendly Medical Interpreting Guide (pdf)

Why our medical and hospital interpreting services?

With 24 years' experience we've an exceptional nationwide interpreter network in 100+ languages, our friendly team delivering 1000's of hours of widely-complimented interpretation to private and public healthcare in surgeries, clinics, hospitals, social care, and the Mental Health sector. We're frequently recommended - here's some reasons why:
  • CRB-cleared medical interpreters, DPSI-qualified or better
  • Interpreters sourced as locally as possible
  • Fully-briefed interpreters
  • Choice of male and female interpreters in most languages/areas
  • Interpreter screening against prior personal connection with patients to ensure confidentiality
  • Interpreters available with special expertise in the Mental Health sector
  • Before-and-after care (appointment reminders, follow-up, documentation assistance)
  • Cost-saving assignment grouping
  • Case continuity of interpreter and patient

Here's what some of our clients say...

"We consider your company to be the benchmark of best practice"
NHS Trust

"In the years Lifeline have been working with us they have consistently proven a reliable and professional supplier. We've never experienced a single problem in over 100 assignments, and my users have always been pleased with the interpreting provided"
NHS Trust

"This is a fantastic and professional service that responds immediately to our business needs and the needs of our customers"
Housing Association

"Your company always provides a fantastic service!"

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