Foreign language typesetting services / multilingual DTP in Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop including 100% proofreading by professional linguists.

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Foreign Language Typesetting Services Mac & PC    

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Translation typesetting / multilingual DTP in Quark - InDesign - Publisher - Illustrator - Photoshop...
fully proofread multilingual typesetting in Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and moremultilingual typesetting

Our trusted experienced foreign language typesetting services provide proofread press-ready multilingual typesetting, round-trip translation & multilingual DTP or typesetting provided text. 200-page catalogues or single sheets, in Quark, Illustrator, Publisher, InDesign and more our expert linguist typesetters also handle less frequent flyers such as Uighur, Georgian, Farsi and Dari, Amharic and Croatian.

"EXTREMELY happy with Lifeline... spectacular work" - Griffin Communications, USA

"Foreign language typesetting? - Cool!"

Still scanning or re-keying for multilingual DTP (you sure those accents are right)? Our user-friendly multilingual typesetting services deliver your design, translated, typeset, proofread, press-ready. Here's some examples.

"Must I provide the translation?"

You can, or our expert language translation offers end-to-end one-stop translation typesetting, on-time, reliably, cost-effectively.

"What problems occur typesetting foreign languages?"

Most Asian and Indian languages (Bengali, Punjabi, Chinese typesetting etc) read left-to-right; layout issues are (relatively) minor. Typesetting right-to-left (RTL) languages (such as Hebrew, Farsi or Arabic typesetting) has to "flip" layouts including bullets, flowcharts and tables - we'll handle this. As alphabets differ, we recommend numerals rather than letters for indexing (Figure 1, not Figure A).

"And delivery formats? I’ve had nightmares sourcing multilingual typesetting…"

Whatever you need. Native Quark, Illustrator or InDesign, with fonts (license permitting) is one option but can create problems at printers. In older Quark outline EPS can replace text, or in Illustrator or InDesign outlining text (converting to vector graphics) is much safer and leaves some flexibility to tweak layouts. Safest (but least editable) is press PDF to your bleed and crop requirements.

"I get weird characters with some multilingual DTP - what's that about?"

Although Unicode fonts are continually developing older fonts (including some "unicode") often give problems even in common languages such as Greek & Turkish, Russian, CE languages (Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian...). Less common ones such as Amharic or Georgian have unique character sets, and many Indian and other Asian languages are problematic. Trickiest are where typesetting looks OK, but 1 or 2 incorrect characters go unnoticed - Tajik's typical. RTL languages really do need professional handling.

"Amharic and Tajik? Wow… Anything else?"

Other issues can be too much text (French can be 30% longer than English) - too little (Finnish can be 25% shorter!) - or word length (Russian and German compound words can be huge - correct hyphenation's critical).

But the proof's in the printing!

Here's a small selection from our production, all here with customers' blessing - PDFs, they'll open in new windows/tabs. Acrobat Reader is available here.
Something Arabic...(129KB) - with thanks to Liquid Plastics
Something Chinese...(1MB) - with thanks to Till & Whitehead
Something Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi & Urdu...(700KB) - with thanks to our Chamber of Commerce
Something Japanese...(606KB) - with thanks to BPI
Something Hebrew...(708KB) - with thanks to Amnesty International
Something Russian...(914KB) - with thanks to Hawke International
Something Spanish...(683KB) - with thanks to Tangerine Holdings
And something for the kids - more Chinese...(671KB) - with thanks to Harper-Collins, and some Hindi...(296KB) - with thanks to B3 Creative!

Finally, here's a Chinese typesetting client saying nice things on Creative Cow - check out the third entry here - many thanks Nick!

Your multilingual typesetting's JUST what I need! – what next?
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