Product localisation... when translation isn't enough

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"Localisation eh? Wow, cool. Er... what's localisation?"

Localisation is simply getting your stuff accepted - locally. This article puts the concept across really well.

Everyone dislikes foreign instructions and incomprehensible packaging... or just that "wrong" look. Localisation is key where your product's interactive - websites, GUIs, or user instructions, or where you need to "fit-in" in-store.

Translation only goes so far - localisation goes the rest of the way. Reflecting local style and culture, the result may vary widely from the source; Japanese packaging looks very different to European. Localisation also helps avoid accidentally offending or amusing - "cool" product names are a well-known minefield, but pitfalls can be much subtler. Localisation is there to help.

National style and humour vary widely - we've replaced jokes when our translators said "it's not funny here" (or once, "They'll get arrested!"...) UoMs, acronyms, style and more make or break your product abroad. Successful exporting's hard enough without upsetting your market!

Localisation sounds good to me. What next?
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