Professional language interpreting services since 1990; business interpreter services, conference interpreting, hospital and medical language interpreter services,

courts & solicitors, insurance and more. Over 10,000 language interpreting services delivered to date from ONLY professional, qualified & experienced interpreters.

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Language interpreting services - professional, qualified, experienced
business interpreter services, medical, legal, BSL...    

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Professional qualified interpretation services - business, hospital, surgery, court & legal language interpreting
Face-to-face language interpreting - simultaneous interpreting - consecutive interpreting - telephone interpreting
Qualified (DPSI or better) & experienced professional public sector and business interpreter services
150+ languages, including BSL & SSE

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Language interpreter services

"For business interpreter services in future, you won't just be the first company I contact - you'll be the ONLY one."     - Norfrost

Language interpreting (or language interpretation) is spoken translation. Of over 30,000 language projects to date over 30% were language interpreting, mostly UK but we've also been busy in China, France, Italy, Africa, Spain, Korea... HERE's some case studies!

Language interpreting isn't all the same.

We provide:

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Language interpreting also comes in several flavours:

Finally, common language interpreting questions are:

"What are business interpreter services?"
Business interpreting means our qualified, professional business interpreter attends your venue, delivering accurate face-to-face language interpretation wherever you need it. Business interpreting for your sector demands knowledge - if your business was easy, everyone would do it! Our business interpreter will be thoroughly briefed and frequently technically qualified with excellent technical knowledge. Our smart business interpreters are carefully selected to deliver professional, cost-effective business interpreting, receiving frequent compliments.
Professional business interpreting really helps you "seal the deal" too - overseas visitors perceive your provision of smart, professional business interpreter services as a COMPLIMENT to how seriously you take them. Plus, your own independent interpreting gives you much better intelligence on those in-language "asides" between visiting team members...

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"Can I get a language interpreter in any language?"
Most - our language interpreter services cover 150+, including many rarer African and Asian languages and BSL (sign language interpretation). Our business interpreter services are busiest for Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch; medical and court interpreting demand more Polish, Czech, Russian, and Indian languages (Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali and Urdu). Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) business interpreter services are increasingly requested, together with Japanese and Thai, Turkish, Greek, and Ukrainian.

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"What's face to face ("F2F") interpreting?"
Face-to-face interpreting (also called "F2F" or "liaison" interpreting) is the commonest format for language interpreter assignments; a physically present linguist interprets directly between attendees. Highly flexible, face-to-face interpreting works in most situations; a good interpreter maximises communication at only minimal cost. We'll always provide fully-briefed, qualified professional face-to-face interpreters experienced in your sector, whether for business, medical interpreting, court or legal interpreting, insurance work or anywhere else communication is key - and our nationwide interpreter network means local provision to keep costs down.

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"How does telephone interpreting work?"
Telephone interpreting provides a low-cost interpreter solution, but has significant limitations - there's more in our free guide to interpreting. Telephone interpreting is (obviously!) remote, depriving the interpreter of visual cues (expression, gesture) and also preventing their assistance with documentation. We'll normally handle telephone interpreting as a 3-way conference call.

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"Why's medical interpreting different?"
Medical interpreting is a specialism, with over 3,000 face to face assignments to NHS and private hospitals and surgeries. It IS different and has its own Medical Interpreting page.

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"Why "insurance interpreting"?"
Insurance interpreting has particular requirements - we've delivered over 1,500 assignments so far. Like medical interpreting, it IS different and has its own Insurance page.

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"What's special about legal/ court interpreting?"
Court & legal interpreting is much in the media, with inadequate interpreters producing massive problems. NONE of those problems were ours - we've provided over 3,000 language interpreter solutions to solicitors and courts, receiving only praise. Court & legal interpreting is difficult and challenging - a legal interpreter must be thoroughly professional and trusted. We know all ours well, using ONLY experienced DPSI-qualified interpreters, so you can have total faith in our interpreting. There's more information on our legal services here.

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"What's simultaneous ("conference") interpreting?"
Simultaneous interpreting addresses the main downside of both face-to-face and consecutive interpreting - time. In face-to-face and consecutive methods content is relayed AFTER the speaker so everything takes twice as long. A simultaneous interpreter is instead isolated, receiving the speaker's voice(s) via headset, providing simultaneous interpreting to delegates via headsets; the equipment allows simultaneous interpreting of multiple languages simultaneously (!), as seen at the UN. Simultaneous interpreting equipment's complex, needing technical support and usually making simultaneous interpreting quite a costly solution. However, where only a few need interpreting services, cheaper options are "whispering interpreting" ( or "chuchotage" - French for whispering) for 2 or 3, or cheaper "tour guide" systems for 4-8. There's more on our Conference Interpreting page.

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"What's consecutive interpreting?"
In consecutive interpreting the interpreter takes notes while speakers talk uninterrupted for much longer than in face-to-face interpreting. The consecutive interpreter then relays the content, referring to their notes. This allows more complete and thoughtful rendering of speech since it's less interrupted, so is favoured over the face-to-face style for legal and diplomatic situations.

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Language interpreter choice
Language interpreters obviously vary in location (we'll always try to source closest to you), but also in gender and personality - as far as possible, if you have any language interpreter preference please tell us and we'll try to match it. However, language interpreters are a limited resource so we can't guarantee to do so.

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"What's BSL or SSE interpreting?"
BSL interpreting (British Sign Language) is the most popular form of interpreting. We provide BSL interpreters to social services, medical appointments, and courts, and offer picture-in-picture BSL interpreting as part of our video services. BSL is a true language, with its own grammar and quite challenging to learn; many instead use SSE - Sign Supported English, using the gestures of BSL interpreting but structured like spoken English. We provide both SSE and BSL interpreting nationwide.

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