Website translation from real translators means website translation that works. Trusted webpage translation services and webpage streaming media.

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Website translation needn't be boring  

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Fresh, interesting webpage translation works MUCH better.

Website translation is often really DULL, done by technically-inclined (or "geek") "website translators" rather than keen linguists. It's MUCH better to use enthusiastic professional translators, but many dislike websites. However, our webpage translation tools mean ALL our great linguists and reviewers - not just "geeks" - can handle your website so you get GREAT translation AND each webpage translation works as it should.

Webpage translation isn't easy ...

So a lot is - being charitable - "dubious" - poorly translated, poorly researched and apparently never proofread. That's partly because a webpage is awkward - text's fragmented by code and often lacks context. While that helps explain (but not excuse) the errors common in GUI and site translation, our processes instead work both to ensure correct translation and - by protecting code - correct functionality. Free download - our Really Helpful Friendly Language Translation Guide (pdf)

In-language multimedia

Rendering your webpage video into another language means non-English users experience your entire site, instead of just the text.
Our video service is professional, cost-effective and good to work with.

Cool downloads

Scruffy B&W translated text-only downloadables are disappointing when the original's visibly fully-typeset technicolour. Properly typeset translation helps attract clients - we translate in Quark, InDesign, Illustrator...

Want to see one?

Here's one recent project (our stuff's on the flags!) - here's another. How good would yours look?

Site translation that works would be nice (and refreshing...) What next?
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