German interpreter services & German translation services; professional, qualified, mother-tongue English to German translation and German to English translation

plus certified German translation, German typesetting, German transcription & German voiceover.

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German translation & German interpreter services    

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English to German translation - German to English translation
German interpreter services - transcription - subtitling
German voiceover - certified German translation

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We're established German to English translation partners to leading industrial and translation companies in Germany, while our English into German translation helps hundreds of UK exporters across the technical/engineering, logistics, insurance, legal and financial sectors. Our certified translation is also popular with private clients.

German projects include 100,000 words for BMW, 90,000 of software manuals and 160,000 for German Government Ministries.

"Anything I should know about German?"

Grammar's quite unlike English - sentence structure changes dramatically, and nouns in German take Capital First Letters - das Auto. German quotemarks change and number format's different too, so going from English to German "Berlin" becomes „Berlin“ and 1,234.56 becomes 1.234,56.

"Makes German typesetting tricky?"

Translation from English to German typically grows 10-20%, using compound words like "Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften" - proper hyphenation's critical. There's one unique letter - ß - and accented characters, like ä, ö, ü which REALLY affect meaning (and are omitted from many fonts, often catching out typesetters). Our press-ready German typesetting includes full proofreading.

"Seems complicated..."

German translators are common - good ones aren't and we've discarded dozens. Perhaps most important - and scarcest - is technical knowledge; German words often have 10 or more meanings, so understanding what you're translating is essential. Our FAQs has tips on finding translators, and our Really Helpful Friendly Guide to Language Translation more on getting better translation.

Free download - our Really Helpful Friendly Language Translation Guide (pdf)

"You offer German interpreter services?"

We interpret worldwide - see interpreting. For more information call Freefone 0800 783 4678 or e-mail our interpreter team. We provide liaison interpreting, conference interpreting, court and medical services.

"What's certified translation?"

The UK equivalent to Europe's "sworn translation"; translators need excellent language qualification and experience. There's much more on our certified & notarized translation pages.

"Can I get German transcription?"

Sure - this is popular for research and conferences, and can be mono- or bilingual so the transcript may also have a translation (for legal use we provide certified German transcription). There's more on our Transcription page.

"Finally, German voiceover or subtitling?"

Yep - see our voiceovers page. Unusually among language voiceover providers we're primarily a translation company, so scripts are ALL mother-tongue professionally translated and 100% reviewed - unusual for commercial voiceover! While German voiceover's usually for the Federal Republic, we also provide Austrian German and Swiss German. Some talent samples include (click name for sample): Franz; Thomas; Dani and Riena; an example of Austrian voiceover is Sigi, and of Swiss German is Dieter.

TIP: watch script length - checking script translation for runtime is generally by wordcount, but German's compound words are deceptive; unskilled translation may look shorter yet take far longer to read. Our Really Useful Voiceover Guide may be helpful.

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