French interpreter services & French translation services - professional English to French translation and French to English translation since 1990.

Our services include notarised or certified translation, French transcription, French proofreading & French typesetting and French voiceover or subtitling.

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French interpreter & French translation services    

Nice things people say New exporter 2013 Runner-up in ITI Best Translation Company!

French translation & French interpreter services; Certified translation
English to French translation - French to English translation - French proofreading
French transcription - French voiceover & subtitling - French typesetting

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Our French services have delivered over 4500 projects, many into English for leading agencies in France. Here's some case studies...

"The French doctors commented particularly on the high quality of translation." - nationwide solicitor group

"French popular?"

French is the #2 translation search. Our popular French services include technical translation, logistics, insurance, legal, and private work (particularly certified French into English).

"Interpreting! Forgot, need one - er, tomorrow..."

Don't worry! We're flexible - we've even sent one to The Gabon, and delivered hundreds more commercial, court & legal and medical assignments. Book yours on Freefone 0800 783 4678 or email our helpful team.

"Any pitfalls in French?"

European and Canadian French differ - compromise "French" doesn't work! We've partners in Canada for Canadian French, and in France for European French. French is also spoken in Wallonia (Belgium), Monaco and Switzerland, and Africa.

French punctuation often surprises, with spaces before colons : & semicolons ; - exclamation ! and question marks ?, as well as different and context-dependent "speech marks", normally « this » (note spaces) but like 'this' for reported conversation.
Uppercase is rare - "French" => "français" - and commas and points reverse in numbers, so 1,234.56 in French becomes 1.234,56
French correspondence is "fancier" and relationships more important - translation of letters from English grows considerably, while translation into English typically shrinks.
Finally, translation to French can increase wordcount 30% - important when translating for French typesetting. This and unique punctuation makes French typesetting best left to experts - our French proofreading finds errors in 90% of French typesetting we're asked to check. Our own expert cost-effective French typesetting services are fully proof-read and very popular. In French voiceover length also matters - if you're making video for French voiceover, allow for the longer translation. Here's more voiceover tips

"Seems complicated..."

Enough to certainly keep our French proofreading busy... Our FAQs and Really Helpful Friendly Guide offer tips on getting better translation.

Free download - our Really Helpful Friendly Language Translation Guide (pdf)

"What's 'certified translation'?"

Certified translation is the UK equivalent to Europe's "sworn translation"; translators need excellent qualifications and experience, and normally CIoL or ITI membership. Non-UK use may require sworn or notarised translation, or a Consulate-registered translator - see our certified page.

"What about French transcription?"

French transcription is popular for research, court and others, and can be mono- or bilingual. Legal use often requires certified French transcription.

"And voiceover or subtitling?"

Checkout voiceovers. Unusually among voiceover providers we're primarily a translation company, so our French subtitling and voiceover scripts are ALL mother-tongue professionally translated and 100% reviewed in-house - not common for commercial voiceover!

French voiceover is usually European French, but we also provide Canadian French. Talents include (click name to listen): Gilles, Bertrand and Nicole, while Canadian French includes Francois, Cécile and Nathalie.

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