Dutch interpreter services and certified Dutch translation services - professional mother-tongue Dutch to English and English to Dutch translation, Dutch typesetting.

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Dutch interpreter & Dutch translation services     

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Dutch interpreter services, English to Dutch and Dutch to English translation
Certified Dutch translation, Dutch transcription & Dutch typesetting
Dutch voiceover & subtitling


Dutch interpreter services and translation services providers since 1990, we're preferred translation partners both to leading Netherlands companies and to many UK clients handling technical, website, insurance and certified Dutch translation for legal use. HERE's some case studies!

"I'm really pleased (again) with the accuracy of the translation."
    - global sportswear client's Dutch manager

Recent Dutch projects include 200,000 words for that sportswear client, websites, manuals and lots of marketing. To date we've delivered over 1200 Dutch projects to 100% happy clients.

You provide Dutch interpreting too?

Our Dutch interpreting's just part of our wider interpreting. While many Dutch professionals have good English, interpreting is still generally needed to communicate with less educated Dutch workforces as we found on a UK bluechip's multiyear EHS project. Interpreting services include conference interpreting, court interpreting and medical interpreting; just call Freefone 0800 783 4678 or e-mail our helpful team who'll be pleased to help.

And Dutch typesetting? Quark, InDesign or Illustrator?

Compound words like Kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamheden (preparation activities for a children's carnival procession!) demand competent hyphenation. Translation into Dutch grows 10-20%, and this plus tricky accented characters means Dutch typesetting is best handled by Dutch linguists. Our Dutch typesetting team is a good bet.

Can you tell me a little about Dutch?

Mother-tongue of the Netherlands and widely used in Surinam, parts of the Caribbean and Indonesia, a Dutch dialect - Flemish - is also used in northern Belgium. Dutch is also "parent" to the Afrikaans of South Africa, and has grammar not unlike German. Accented text like "één", and the unique inseparable "digraph" IJ - with both letters capitalised, as IJsselmeer" - are frequently wrong in Dutch typesetting. Numerical commas and points switch, so 1,234.56 becomes 1.234,56.

So what's certified translation?

The UK equivalent to Europe's "sworn translation" is certified translation; translators need excellent qualifications and experience, and normally CIoL or ITI membership. Translation for non-UK use may instead need sworn or notarised translation, or a Consulate-registered translator - see our certified page.

Free download - our Really Helpful Friendly Language Translation Guide (pdf)

Can I get Dutch transcription?

Sure - we provide Dutch transcription (audio to text) for research and conferences, mono- or bilingual (Dutch transcription with a Dutch-English translation) and certified Dutch transcription for legal use - see transcription. Strong local dialect complicates Dutch transcription - one Dutch transcription partner jokes she struggles to be understood in the next town!

Finally, Dutch voiceover or subtitling?

Absolutely. Unusually among Dutch voiceover providers we're primarily a translation company, so our Dutch subtitling and voiceover scripts are ALL mother-tongue professionally translated and 100% reviewed - often not the case for commercial Dutch voiceover!

Some samples of our Dutch voices include (click name for sample): Lars; Lex; Saskia and Martina.

Watch translation for Dutch voiceover - wordcount's the normal guide to script translation runtime, but Dutch's compound words deceive; a Dutch voiceover script not uncommonly has fewer words yet takes 30% longer to read! Our Really Useful Voiceover Guide may be helpful if you have Dutch voiceover projects. Our Dutch subtitling receives the same attention to detail.

Looks good. So - next?
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